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 /  Published by Global Handwashing Partnership, CARE, The University at Buffalo & FHI 360

July – December 2012 Research Summary

This research summary highlights the findings of 16 handwashing-related studies published between July and December 2012.


 /  Published by Global Handwashing Partnership, USAID WASHPlus & Catalyst Behavioral Sciences

Webinar Summary: Handwashing and the Science of Habit

This webinar summary highlights the application of the science of habit to hand hygiene behavior interventions.

 /  Published by UNICEF

Handwashing Promotion Monitoring and Evaluation Module

This toolkit developed by UNICEF is a must-read for handwashing program implementers. It covers all steps that should be taken to evaluate a handwashing behavior change program.


 /  Published by World Bank Water and Sanitation Program & the University at Buffalo

Global Scaling Up Handwashing Project: Practical Guidance for Measuring Handwashing Behavior

A common challenge for handwashing programs is measuring handwashing behavior. This document gives an overview of the different monitoring approaches and include practical monitoring recommendations for high- and low-resource programs.


 /  Published by UNICEF & GIZ

UNICEF / GIZ Three Star Approach for WASH in Schools

The Three Star Approach for WASH in Schools Field Guide, published by UNICEF and GIZ, is designed to improve the effectiveness of hygiene behavior change programs. The approach ensures that healthy habits are taught, practiced, and integrated into daily school routines.


 /  Published by World Bank Water & Sanitation Program

Water and Sanitation Program’s Handwashing with Soap Toolkit

This resource provides links to the Water and Sanitation Program handwashing with soap toolkit, based on project implementation learnings.

 /  Published by Global Handwashing Partnership

Handwashing Handbook (1st edition)

The Handwashing Handbook provides guidance on designing and implementing handwashing behavior change programs. Although this document was published in 2005, the tools and guidance can still be used today. 


 /  Published by PLoS Medicine

The Effect of Handwashing at Recommended Times with Water Alone and With Soap on Child Diarrhea in Rural Bangladesh: An Observational Study

This observational paper studies the effect of handwashing with and without soap at recommended times.


 /  Published by London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, St. John's Research Institute & DDB Mudra Group

SuperAmma Handwashing Campaign

This resource highlights the SuperAmma behavior change communication campaign video.

 /  Published by USAID WASHplus, FHI 360 & UNC Water & Health Conference (2013)

Handwashing Determinants and Diarrhea in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Analysis of DHS and MICS Data

This data was presented by Victoria Shelus (FHI 360) and Orlando Hernandez (WASHplus) presented data on handwashing determinants at the 2013 UNC Water & Health Conference.


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